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Re: Summer Event: The Shadows over Beltane

Landoril wrote:
brian777 wrote:Grimling had to be taken down by 100+ was op as ****. Guards alone were trickey and the boss was hell on earth. Required a full grp of 120+ just to kill boss and that was even messy. The armor quests were crap also everyine at 130 usually had full frozen, and the armor on the armor wasnt worth the skills they boosted. The lower teir was almost more useful then the higher teir, the bosses itself were crap, the 6* bosses that dropped things for lvl 130 people took almost 4 190+ people an thats a slow kill without using the plat gun on them.

Did we have 190 level players back then?

Its possible bc sometimes on server resets etc they still spawn. Anyways grimling was the weakest one and this fight is easily done with two tanks and a druid. One tank would do adds and remove his weapon so he didn't kill them. Then the other tank would work on grimling. Obviously they get harder as you work your way to Ymir. All in all i liked the event.
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Re: Summer Event: The Shadows over Beltane

1) any new lux?
2)any new chest?
3)not fancy for mount coz it is sure new mount but 80% speed unchanged but 1mil golds lmao

Lov any kind of events especially new lux new chest.
Not really fancy for event boss drops as IMO the drops are for mostly for collection:)
And the hardness lvl of boss did not always matching with its player lvl:)

Example u need at least 20lvl above to kill that boss effectively and platlessly.

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