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Effy slain in Morrigan

Our journey began back in Oct 31, 2013 when Efnisien first arrived. We were all excited to meet the next challenge, unfortunately, as we have all learned later, he was impossible to kill. Even though OTM claimed he was easier than Mordris and would need less people, it was just not true.

3 months later, on Jan 29, 2014, the first nerf bat hit the necro, and using what we have learned in the past 3 months, we attempted him 3 times.

Feb 1:

Feb 4:

Feb 7:

Obviously still impossible. Or we need twice as many people, which is also impossible unless we merge with another clan. ;)

Then the 2nd nerf bat hit 2 weeks later on Feb 14, 2014. How nice of OTM to do it on Valentines Day. Most our members were with their special ones. :lol:

We attempted him the very next day. The nerf was huge. It changed the whole encounter, he is no longer an anti-zerg boss.
But then OTM had a surprise for us that we weren't prepared for. And he enraged at the very end, so we had to give up knowing it wasn't going to be a clean kill.

Feb 15:

The hardest part of a Necro raid is getting the right people together. Right now he is tougher than Mordris certainly and we need more than 25 people.
We just can't do bigger raids during the week.

So we had to wait another week, and tonight, it was us who is going to be left standing.....idols used? 1 for me, because my druids died at 50% :( Nice recovery though.

Feb 22:


The rewards

There were only 3 drops, like Hrungnir. He seems to drop a ring, bracer and weapon each time.

And no, the drops were not tuned to reflect him as the hardest boss in the game. The loot items are still the same stats as they were originally introduced back in Oct 2013, back when he was supposed to be easier than Mordris. I'd like to give OTM the benefit of the doubt, but they have not told us the truth in this encounter so many times, I don't believe they re-evaluated the Necral items at all. They just said they did.

Anyway, for those who like screenshots instead of visiting "that A..x site". Here you go:




Props to my clannies who did all their roles very well. Practice makes perfect and we certainly had a lot of practice. :lol:

To OTM who says this encounter is not a plat-sink, nothing could be further from the truth. We are grateful for these new content, but please let's be honest about them that they are designed to be killed only by using plat items.
It is a very challenging encounter indeed, and we appreciate you making bosses that are not the typical tank-and-heal mobs. I just wish the rewards were better (and not freaking BoE). Please listen to player feedback for better gaming experience.

It may not be the first Necro kill, but I sure as hell bet it's the first clean Necro kill ;) And that's all we have always striven for.

'Til Next Time!

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Re: Effy slain in Morrigan

Proud of all of us, was a great feat and we managed to do it after a lot of practice! Good Job Avalon, we all pulled through nicely! Fantastic strategies Ail, couldn't of gotten as close as we did without you and Cein as well as the input from the Necro testing from our clannies!

Congratulations! Good Job! Great Fight!

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