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Re: Firion's Boss Guide


great guide ;)
but i dont understanding this:
Boss: Disciple Kiara

Level: 35

Stars: 6

Place Holder: Bone Revenant at the top of the stairs.

Location: Room furthest west.

Strategy: Disciple Kiara is simple. Safest way to engage is to engage her and kill off the linking Bone Revenant, then pull her away to the side to avoid links. The biggest hazard in the fight will be the spawning Bone Revenant therefore be ready to attack it if it aggros. Kiara has a lot of hp which makes the fight quite long. Can be done with a 3-4 man group level 35+. Can be done with a two man group level 40+. A good Healer and Tank are essential.

lol i think its the hardest boss we even cant kill it with 3 lvl 50, cause she makes about 80 dmg per hit. In my opinion shey way stronger then the lvl 40 boss...

Re: Firion's Boss Guide

Zone Trapping makes her damage negligible that's why i didn't think much of her but i'l do some runs to test her out. I'm sure i can duo her with a buddy, my howling wind is maxed so the damage takes a 1/3 hit plus my nature's touch is level one for heal spams at 180 hp per 3 mp. I'l let you know how it goes.

Re: Firion's Boss Guide

Just finished doing a run on her with three 50s we zone trapped her and she died in around 2-3 minutes. A good warrior tank with decent vitality can tank her fine with a druid backup and good gear. Howling wind makes a big difference in this fight. Thanks for bringing her up Anom if you have any questions about how to beat any other boss let me know and I'l get to it.

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