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Re: Patch - Yuletide 2013: 10/12/2013

Xanadu wrote:
shepman wrote:Why every time an event launches theres always maintenance after like 15 min or so :?

I'm pretty sure that if your offhand disappeared on use, you'd want a bit of maintenance done too.

Im not blaming people who lost their offhands. I mean everytime theres a patch - theres also some bugs with it
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Re: Patch - Yuletide 2013: 10/12/2013

Xanadu wrote:
link32540 wrote:Why did form add new lux they said the Halloween lux was limited this is bs we spent are money and they bring new lux really otm this is such bs

Yule lux has ooc regen and limited time. Samhain is not obsolete...thankfully my investment was worthwhile.

And Luthias, plat for santa hats? Seriously? smh.

It is actually a good thing imo, much better to spend the plat and actually get it then collecting hundreds of presents/going through dozens of chests. Also, the snow animation is really cool. Nice job OTM.
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