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Re: Post your Samhain Loot!

Royal Pitchfork = 1000 proc dmg, 45 slash dmg, 90 cold dmg
greater Pitchfork = 150 proc dmg, 15 slash dmg, 30 cold dmg

minor, lesser scythes
Grand Scythe = 500 proc dmg, 23 slash dmg, 45 cold dmg

Majestic batbone charm = 20 Strength, 150 health, Class req. Warrior
a few minor bat charms
Grand bathide charm = 14 Vit, 90 health, Class req. Warrior

black hunter boots, spooky black hunter gloves, blue hunter top, green stalker's mask, turquoise necro charm

Spectral ring of the reaper = +15% Attack, 30% attack speed, +15 armor, adds skill that adds 100 poison dmg

:D :D :D
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Re: Post your Samhain Loot!

Rainey wrote:every time they release chests during an event at first they are amazing then they have a patch and their drops are ****.

i opened 25 before patch they all were amazing got a harp and lute and spooky fashion and awesome lix

i opened another 25 after patch and they are ****

same thing happend during the summer event they had a patch and they turn ******

You told me you'd send the chests to meeeeh -.-

Re: Post your Samhain Loot!

Curry30423 wrote:so wht ur saying is that the patch after the events always lowers the chance of good items in chests?

The chests 100% did not change to lower any chance of good items - the team was 100% focused on releasing a patch to fix the reported bugs as soon as possible.

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