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Re: music for bossfights :)

Good idea dude, but that idea has be giving over 100 times and yet OTM claims they read every post, not to make them look bad but really tell me how many players idea's & suggestions have been actually put into the game, like really. Maybe its just too hard, like getting (voice chat into the game) which me and my friends uses skype while playing this because we get tired of typing and getting spammed but yes once again your idea is pretty awesome.
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Re: music for bossfights :)


We do read the forums and we are currently looking for a sound engineer to join the team. I'm not sure how soon we could develop epic theme music for every boss, but it will be more likely to get done once we have more people on the team.

Re: music for bossfights :)

Though this idea does sound great, I think only a few actually plays with sounds on. But yeah maybe this would give me an excuse to not put my phone on silent mode :)
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Re: music for bossfights :)

I like the song for in game...

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