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Re: what makes ch fun for you?

Hmmmm...... My fav thing by far is taking a shot every time i idol or resto. Great peoples i consider friends. Other than that i woulda been left to play computer mmos again,because of the repetitiveness of the game. Grind grind grind kil a boss grind grind grind.
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Re: what makes ch fun for you?

This game has always thrived on its amazing social aspect, you really get to know players well and create strong bonds. The gaming community also makes the game fun as there are many interesting, unique players in the game and on the forums.
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Re: what makes ch fun for you?

Glitch hunting
I find this the one of the two reasons i still play!
The other is because of my clan and friends.
It gets annoying when some glitches get patched though:/
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