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Re: This is just a game!

It's not a bad post. It's worthwhile to view the horrible possibilities of over-immersing yourself in something/anything.

But, it's a funny ironic place to put it. You don't get help for your drinking at your bar, from your bar-tender or on a patio funded and run by alcohol distributors.. :)

Too often the stigma thrown at **any** successful gamer is: "You have no life!!!" "It's just a game!!" "There is a RL!!" And often, to me, this is ridiculous. You can be successful in game and successful in life, but obviously you do so by investing a bunch of time that perhaps non-gamer's would spend on their own more accepted recreational activities.. (i.e drinking, partying, fishing, sports, etc)

Everyone needs a look in the mirror every once and a while with *anyway* they spend their time, just to make sure they are providing the necessary self-parenting to weigh their priorities.. But once they have... People should be both free to stop playing, and free to level to 200+ with full whatever armor and not be harshly labeled or teased about either choice. It's not a perfect world, and it is the Internet, so of course that *won't* happen.. ;) But I sure wish it could.

That's my thoughts on that.

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