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Re: This is just a game!

Link wasn't working for me :) got this error.

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Re: This is just a game!

It also doesn't work for me now either it seems to have been filtered out by admin. I can even get on site through google. Ill sort that out later and post what it says. If not ill give a brief of what it is about
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Re: This is just a game!

MadOnion wrote:
Brookie wrote:I found this. I believe eeryone should read it and remember ch is just a game...


How cute
First he was preaching he loves competition
Now had enough
Now preaching its just a game ....

Btw link dont work

Believe what you will. Here are te screenshots of the link.





Just remember this is just a game no matter how good you are in this game it counts or nothing in the real world. I hope this gets alot of attention and the person in it wakes up and realises whats happening with his relationship for a game. If not then i hope it wakes people up who might go down this road.

P.s wiz you can say what you like. You can be the best celtic heroes player ever but guess what. Its a game.... Put it on your C.V and see what they say

Brookie1 out.
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Re: This is just a game!

lol well i like to make a plea...to the husband the wife wrote this..for the love of god....put the game down...go shower then come back and play. mobs and bosses will be there for the 5mins your gone to shower. oh don't forget to wash your parts well..stinky.

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