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Re: whats the dumbest thing you have done?

Gosh I hate to say this............ But being NOOB, I didn't know you could laystone from one place to another. I ran back and fourth everywhere, until someone said, Why don't you laystone? Im like What??? LOL!! Seriously. That's my huge Noob moment, and I was all the way into fighting in Stonevale when I finally figured it out! Duh!!!
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Re: whats the dumbest thing you have done?

I have another dumb moment... Playing in update one, I kept running to the guard outside Shalemont ravine and trying to get to Shalemont, the guard would say some rocks have collapsed and they will be cleared soon or something like that. Everyday I would keep going to that guy to find out if it was open.... Then I quit for a bit, came back and it was open and I found the forums...

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Re: whats the dumbest thing you have done?

1. Thinking that the door behind Lord Maclir was the door to exit Farcrag Castle.
2. Not realizing until Level 85 that the yellow bar was your progress for each tenth of the red bar.
3. Selling 20 Exp Elixirs at Level 35, not realizing that I should save them.
4. Getting my friend hooked on the game, and spending 3 hohrs explaining to her the lingo of the game, and why balloons were everywhere.
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