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Crowns.... grrrr

So I recently turned in 300 presents at once, and this is what I received:
1 non-sparkle blue
2 non-sparkle tourquoise
2 non-sparkle green
4 non-sparkle orange
8 non-sparkle yellow
11 non-sparkle pink

this is ridiculous....
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Re: Crowns.... grrrr

I have about 250 crowns I got from turning in presents (2500 presents). Best I've gotten is non sparkling purple lol.

Honestly the best path is sell presents and buy sparkling crowns. I spent 250k on presents an only got purple, I spent 120k to buy a white, sparkle pink, sparkle orange, sparkle green, and sparkle turquiose. Best to just buy the crowns outright.
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Re: Crowns.... grrrr

I have 148 crowns (1480 presents) and i have

6 blue
1 purple
3 white
1 spark red
1 spark orange
1 spark yellow
1 spark blue

Its just having luck...
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