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Re: What is the purpose of a rogue?

A few things to point out warriors do not have the highest melee they may have it before dragon armor but when rogues get full dragon armor rogues beat out warriors in both highest melee hit and speed i tested this in beta with equal str and my damage was lower then a rogues. The reason is u get 450 hear damage and warriors get nothing there is absolutly no way for a warrior to get higher damage unless the get some amazing gear that is always non class restricted so it can boost rogues damage also. So at the end of the day when rogues get dl armor a warrior cannot even come close to melee i dont care about speed. I and many warriors would be happy with seeing huge hits because we know we arent supposed to be dps but we all feel we should have the hardest hits, rogues have fastest hits and rangers in between.

The other thing i would like to point out is how much of a disadvantage melee classes have on these bosses. We all know they have ridiculous amounts of defense but they also have rediculous amounts of armor. I have 1.5k damage with my gear on a boss i hit 100-200 auto when i normally hit 800s. With max shatter i have seen my damage to up to 300s when normally i hit 1-1.2k so rogues rangers and warriors are all placed at a huge disadvantage we miss 60-80% of the time and when we do it we only get about 25% of our damage. So if i had to make a suggestion to fix these bosses is to lower resist and defense but raise the hp so its not completely unbalance.

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