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Re: Offhand torches

Guthix123 wrote:
I'mdead wrote:The best torch is the one that gives you 200 heat damage I believe, so the best torch is as strong as a Golden blade of fire?!

Does anyone have proof of this, or any torch with more then 5 or 10 dmg? On Sulis we only have 3 that i know of, all 10 dmg.

We also have a Torch Of Belenus, 20% proc. Any other worlds have one yet? :D

I have 18%
-kickbutt level 140+ warrior [dps]
-onlysniper level 50+ ranger [dps] [inactive]
-gregmoth level 60 mage on v1 [deleted]
-fankai level 61+ druid [dual log]

Re: Offhand torches

Its random from the torch mobs. So you could kill a lvl 70ish mob and get a 5dmg no lvl one or 65dmg lvl50 or anything. I haven't tested on lower lvl mobs it may be you can get a 200dmg one from a low lvl mob.

Also I have it from a reliable source you can get them from the torch quest also just rare.
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