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Re: Patch: 18/06/2013

So sigils are not coming back. It seems pretty likely now.
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Re: Patch: 18/06/2013

If it is 30 minutes for someone with 7000 and health and also 30 minutes for someone with 1000 and both take just as long, then I think this would be great. First of all, 30 minutes is well enough as if it were any shorter people would lix, kill a mob fast, log out, wait like 10 minutes, log in, kill, log out, and repeat on a virtually never ending elixer.

Good idea. This will happen, but only for rogues, mages and druids that can do high burst damage. Sorry rangers and warriors, no luck for you.

Re: Patch: 18/06/2013

Broscientist wrote:
Falagrim wrote:I don't think thats what they are saying. I think they mean that you will regain the 2 energy/health while logged off for 29 minutes. Then on the 30th minute it will auto fully regen what ever is left.

Yes. This is what they meant.

Oh, better than nothing but that still kinda sucks. Just make base rate a % and not "2" lol and then nerf it for offline time, say 10% effective while offline.
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Re: Patch: 18/06/2013

I agree with marco. If the base rate is a % and not a constant rate, there wouldnt have been so much fuss over sigils.

I honestly find it bit ridiculous that the base rate doesnt change from level 1 to highest level you can get. Regens you receive from super energizer/regeneration elixer should be the base regen rate.
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