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And The Best World is.........

This question is common within Celtic Heroes, what world IS the best?
Well I'm here to give you MY OPINION and then in return I ask you for yours.
I'm going to give all the reasons why I think Rhiannon is the best world.

- Rhiannon is the Top World on the Auction House with over 300 members!
(that's double the amount of the world in second place! An item is posted every 5 minutes!)

- Rhiannon has the best economy in the game with 100 players boasting over 5m and 10 players with 50m+

- Rhiannon has a very popular and active Dicing community with INFINITY DICE Group. People are winning millions of gold every day!
Check out the video to learn more!

Learn Everything Here^

Watch the YouTube Vid Here^

- We Have Plenty of Active players all day and night

- We Have The Best and most powerful clan that will Train You and teach you everything you need to know about the game in our training clan RaptureLite and then once your ready you will graduate to RaptureEve!

- We have a NO KS Rule

- We Have healthy competition

- Most importantly WE HAVE FUN!

Thanks for reading and I hope you come visit us!

Please leave a similar list if you think your world is better!

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Re: And The Best World is.........

Actually eternalsin most powerful clan on rhiannon lol but yea the dicing is at its best cause of rapid dice getting the most bets every day woooohoooo
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