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Re: Richest Player in Celtic Heroes

D0nk0 wrote:
FrostKnight wrote:
Natures Touch wrote:Tbh i am the plat burner here i use my parents credit card of hard earned money, and spend 1.6k iTunes on selling plat items, making 13M per month, i own currently 8 level 150+ accounts, need proof, inbox me not on this forums topic, due to my post may start with hatred and spam

Haha. Remember when you said you pay for it with the money from your 'job'? I highly doubt that now.

He's a noooooooooooob

Re: Richest Player in Celtic Heroes

Lol whats 20mil gonna do? Tell him to come up with some PayPal money.
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Re: Richest Player in Celtic Heroes

Natures Touch wrote:
bpb wrote:and I don't even have a chicken in my bank or inventory..
I am really poor.. :roll:

I belive u

Thanks!!! :)
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Re: Richest Player in Celtic Heroes

Venus wrote:Okay so i have 250 of each cupcake so thats 50 million gold, I have all the blakck masks and hats from all events so that's probably another like what 2m? and I have 10 snowman heads and 8 pumpkin heads so another 2 mil. Wow i'm damn rich thanks infinity.

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Re: Richest Player in Celtic Heroes

Well, in the way infinity prices things, i have to be one of richest in game lol. I have full hammered no class plat except helm. This is the rarest armor in game and was only obtainable version 1. I also have millions worth in other stuff but theres just one thing lol.
-Hard work beats talent when talent doest work hard-

Re: Richest Player in Celtic Heroes

Infinity wrote:For your info. The broom of doom I value at 3-4mill.
I'm saying.... I did a trust trade video with a friend who gave me his broom of doom.
One thing you kids need to learn is if 1 person will pay 25 mill for a broom then so will someone else.
What I meant by saying that trust trade is now valued at 30 mill is because I was given about 6mill worth of items for the video but since abrood is paying 25m for it. I could have kept the broom and sold it to abrood for 25m.
Bringing the entire trust trade up to 30m ish.

As for people who say my snowman heads and cupcakes and all the other stuff that I have isn't valuable... Keep saying that and I'll keep laughing. I just sold 1 cupcake for 50k. I don't care if you believe me.

Your going to laugh hard on this one.
Pumpleroot stalks
Pumpleroot hearts
Tradable presents
All that stuff.... It's worth a bunch and I've already been profiting a lot off it... So I'm already laughing in your face to whoever wants to tell me they aren't valuable.

Go read up on the history of runescape... Most of the payers who play CH have played runescape and come from a place where an edible Easter egg is worth 1billion gold. And you can't do anything with it except keep it in your inventory.
I bet there are less pumpleroot hearts in the game than there are darkflame armor sets.

Whatever you say... I'm right your wrong... How do I know this? I've already proved that I'm right by selling off my rares for insane prices that you guys said I'd never get... Who is laughing now... Its me.. I am... I'm laughing at you.

Don't talk about stuff that you don't know.
Just state that it's your oponion next time you tell me I can't do something. You will probably have to wait in line though. There is a long line of people who tell my I can't...

You are just in lala land with abood. Come to any other server and you will see what real prices are.
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