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2013 mounts

So i heard that the summer expansion is coming on the 18th of June. Even thought i know this is true, im curious about mounts. Are thy discontinuing the mounts for good? Or are they adding new mounts. (Horses hopefully) i know admin is going to give out info about mounts, but i just really wanna know. Guess we'll all know on the 18th.


Re: 2013 mounts

I think that horses are in the next update, not the summer. I am really low on cash and i wanna buy a horse when they come out!

In Minecraft, the next update will have rugs and horses, the horses will have tags, armour, and leashes. Look up Minercfat id list, then find one with horse armour. It will say: Released in 1.6
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Re: 2013 mounts

In impeccable OTM style they release a date and don't hit it, then deny tey released a date in the first place. Expect it by July 18th.

Horses are a no go, they were supposed to be out last update, but ya they will probably be a year late.

Expect a mount similar to the carpets of last year, but with a 1M pricetag for the best.
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Re: 2013 mounts

Lok Idc when the patch is coming but can otm please tell us what the freaken mounts are going to be?!??
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