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Re: Let's play a game! CH: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Smellyunder wrote:The good - OTM makes more money from plats players
The bad - Plats players have to spend more money
The ugly - non plat players who complain about plats players getting ahead of them

Everything in CH is about plats.

But it can also be the other way around depending on your perspective:

The good - non plats players who refuse to spend money on the game
The bad - plats players who spent too much money on the game
The ugly - OTM who wants you to spend more money on the game


Re: Let's play a game! CH: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: New Areas, New Mobs, New Loots

The Bad: No story. Nothing much to do. Only Grind and Level.

The Ugly: Less Group activities / Bossing Groups as high level are busy leveling their level to be the highest level with the best gears in his or her world or clan since no other interesting things to do but level and grind for new gears.. Lots of fun elements have gone down the drain / sewer...
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Re: Let's play a game! CH: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good - Books to re-skill and re-stat: It is great to be able to alter our character's strengths and weaknesses as we try out different builds, focus on certain situations, gain items that allow us to shift points, or make up for old mistakes.

The Bad - Vendor buyback prices of lux and armour: 50% depreciation is terrible. Conceptually it creates a player-player market where the price window is theoretically somewhere between 50% and 100%, but the reality is that newer items have made older items so obsolete that there simply is no secondary market.

The Ugly - Overmaxed skills: I think that rings etc. should supplement our skills only to our natural skill ceiling, not extend them to the absurd. No matter your level, overmaxing creates problems. This was ugly coding in my opinion.
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Re: Let's play a game! CH: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Im not even posting my list because it may get deleted like other critisiims do but i do find it interesting that 97% of the posts so far to this topic have been against the outrageous grind and even though there are many topics on this issue none have been addressed by admin but say u want ur 2011 pmpkin to say 2011 again and they trip over themselves to make it happen.
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Re: Let's play a game! CH: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The good: bosses now rage, the death penalty, the mailing system, more exciting fights (no more 1 tank + 1 healer = success)

The bad: grinding, horrible loot, more grinding, no storyline, grinding, the new quests just require you to grind for runes, then grind for more runes, then grind for shards, then grind for more shards. Maybe I forgot to list grinding.

The ugly: the size of maps and the time required to load them (for example, why not splitting carrowmore into the three areas, each one with its own leystone?); the game is now a desert, with most areas with no players in it and some times of the day with absolutely no player of your level on (worlds should be merged!); the quests (or should I say total lack of em?)
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