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Re: Glashtyn Deepscale: Anyone got Eggs?

Piker247 wrote:I think these loot tables are accurate..

How they should be: (imo)

Dragon: Gems
Spider: Gems/Eggs
Little boggan: Eggs/Urns
Big boggan: Urns/Idols
Firbolg: Idols/Horns
Troll: Horns/Crowns

I got a red gem off the little boggan.[/quote]+1
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Re: Glashtyn Deepscale: Anyone got Eggs?

Brookie wrote:Yes but its like all seeing dropping lions. Its not right you should be doing the hardest or harder bosses to get your legs chest and weapon not doing an easy one and he is easy.

It's nothing like that at all.. It's like All-Seeing dropping Hounds.. Or Stonefang dropping Rock Remnants.. Not a big deal at all, but makes them much more enjoyable because you don't know what you're going to get, and the excitement of possibly getting a (1) higher tier item is there.

We got Red Gem and Purple Egg off of Sreng... :evil:
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