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Update 4 - Dragonfire


Rumor Report: It’s spring time again (for Celtic Heroes at least). The cool eastward wind is sweeping across Lir’s Reach. It’s a time of new beginnings and of exploration. The young animals have weathered the winter and have burst forth out of their winter boroughs. And so you will find many new species of wildlife that now populate our Celtic Heroes world: frogs, rabbits, butterflies, sheep, to name a few. But for our adventurers the advent of new life has an unexpected twist. Rumors are flying around the castle about the reappearance of a cursed breed, greedy and calloused to the heart, long hidden beneath our very feet.

There are three new zones for adventurers to explore, many new bosses, new class skills, new armor and weapons, and six new features.

Table of Contents:
I. New Zones
II. New Bosses
III. Rebalanced Skills
IV. New Skills
V. New Features

Part I: New Zones
Farcrag Sewers : (??-??)


Fingal's Cave : Level Range(30-150)


Carrowmore Tunnels :Level Range (90-190):.
Rumor Report: Cursed the curiosity that fueled our exploration of this wretched cave. Whether jewels or veins of gold, whatever the motive, we have found ourselves beset by the enemy on every side. Every new passage we explore only brings more woes upon us. Restoring the passage over that bottomless fissure, the Endless Chasm, was our gravest mistake, but it cannot be undone.
Before our miners even set fast the bridge, blood-thirsty spiders carried off as many brave souls as we had there. Those monsters bound them in their webs dragging them through their accursed corridors so their offspring could dine on Lirian blood. Now that they have acquired a taste for human blood, beware! Only the gods know what other evils dwell here.


Part II: New Bosses:

Rumor Report: The king's treasurer has reported much higher profits than in previous months. The Royal Treasury will be able to pay off the debt incurred from the renovation of Farcrag's Castle. But they aren't content with being out from under the thumb of the bankers. They want to amass gold. The king needs to reclaim the farm land in Lir's Reach and to hire mercenaries to halt the Connacht Invasion and storm the enemy castle. So he is sending scouts into the newly discovered cave system deep within the southern mountain range to look for costly minerals underground.

One of the king's rogues boasts of seeing stores of gold coin struck in depths of the cave. It will be no easy task to make it to the cache and an even more difficult one to make away with the loot. Be warned, however, trolls guard the cache with zeal, almost as if an even more fearsome foe commands them.

The wardens have reported a new set of runes are glowing around their ritual circle. This can only mean one thing. A new more fearsome foe than has been encountered before is near. But the wardens have discovered new ways to better prepare their adventurers.

New Mobs:
There are over 15 new species of enemies. There are 5 new humanoid races and 10 monster species.

Caption: This beatific creature is a Boggan Warbeast.(below) They have stunning graphics and some nasty breath.

Part III: Rebalanced Skills

All existing skills have been rebalanced based on cast time, skill points, and effect.

Firebolt is no longer instant cast.

Resurrect now removes death penalty and gives the target some health.

Part IV: New Skills
Our heroes are becoming more and more skillful each year. New fighting techniques have been developed to battle new foes. The old way of fighting is no longer effective, so our heroes have adapted and used a little creativity to birth some merciless new skills. Each class has new skills. There are rumors of a shirtless brute wielding an axe and doing skill hits. The mage conjurers discovered a way to attune a person to an element. The ranger huntsmen have restrung their bows with string made from Carrowmere spiders so that they can get extra range from their arrows. Druid protectors found a way to summon the comfort of a familar battlefield to even the darkest of places.

Part V:Incoming Modifications to Game play:
1. target lock
2. mail boxes
3. armor set bonuses
4. Death penalties
5. new ways to get platinum

Target Lock:
Basic principle: The first group or single player to do enough damage to engage the lock on a mob/boss will get the drops and the exp:
If the person or group with the lock wipes out, then they will lose the lock.
If a person leaves a group that has the lock, that person will not get loot or exp. (You cannot leave the group at the last minute to get all the loot for yourself, even if you originally had the lock.)


Caption: A monster that you have locked will now have a bullseye once you have locked it. That means no other player can come in and take the kill once you have the bullseye.

New Mail System:
Basic Principle: You will be able to send any character on your server a message, gold, and items.


Caption: If you haven't heard of the new mail boxes, you probably are living under a rock. Even if you are, there is probably a mailbox nearby. They added mail boxes to every major leystone and city. So you will be able to send and receive mail in every zone in the world.

Note: If you block a person, it will delete the mail in your inbox from that person. The blocked person also will not be able to send you mail or message you.

Armor Set Bonuses:
Basic Principle: Wearing a set of armor will now give a bonus in addition to what is given by each piece.


Note: All Warden Armor now has set bonuses added to it.

Death Penalty
Basic Principle: Each successive death in a short period of time will decrease your stats.

Platinum Offers:
Basic Principle: Players can earn platinum by watching ads or doing surveys.

Celtic Heroes is introducing W3i and Trailpay as new ways for players to earn platinum. A player goes to the offers section and completes various tasks for a certain amount of platinum.

Classes are now more balanced.
There are many new quests.
Stonevale and the Otherworld are now a little different.
There are new armors, new weapons, and new luxury items.
There were also some minor bug fixes.

There are many other new things for you to find and explore on your own.

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