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Expansion 4: Mail System Discussion


In the upcoming Celtic Heroes expansion we’re going to be introducing a brand new mail system. Read on to find all the details!

Hello! I’m Luthias, your Community Manager here at Celtic Heroes. Over the next few weeks I’ll be providing updates on our upcoming expansion. This will include news posts, developer interviews, and even the chance to put YOUR questions directly to the Celtic Heroes team.

Today I’m delighted to officially reveal a brand new feature we’ll be introducing to Celtic Heroes: the in-game Mail System.

The new mailbox system will allow you to send and receive messages, items and Gold. You can send mail to other players on your World, or to any of your characters who are on the same World.

In order to send or receive mail, players must first visit a mailbox. The Celtic Heroes Postal Service has been hard at work on this new system, and as part of it they’ve added mailboxes to Farcrag Castle, Lir’s Reach, Shalemont Ravine, Stonevale and The Otherworld. You will also find mailboxes in two of the brand new zones that will be introduced as part of the expansion; Fingal’s Cave and the Carrowmore Tunnels.


Every piece of mail you send requires at least one postage stamp. If you want to include some items in your mail you will have to purchase one extra postage stamp for each item. Postage stamps will cost 10 Gold each and can be purchased from any mailbox. Sending Gold via the mail system does not require any additional postage stamps.

Once you send another player a mail it will appear in their mailbox. If you wish, you can enable push notifications on your device which will inform you when you receive a mail, even if you’re not logged in to the game! If you are logged in you will receive a notification on your screen when you get a new piece of mail.

You will have 28 days in which to open and read any mail you receive. After this time, any mail which has not been opened will be returned to the sender. This will include any items or gold that was attached to the mail.

To prevent any unwanted messages, any player who is on your blocked list will not be able to send you a mail. The mail system will also make use of the game’s profanity filter, should you have it enabled on your account.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peak at one of the many new features that are coming in Expansion 4. Keep an eye on the website over the coming weeks for lots more information!

Website link: http://www.celtic-heroes.com/expansion-4-mail-system/
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Re: Expansion 4: Mail System Discussion

Eliminater wrote:Is there a limit on how many items can be sent ? Is there a way to refuse items ?

I don't believe there's a limit on the number of items you can attach to the mail (other than the number of postage stamps you have available). There is currently not a way for you to 'refuse' an item and send it back automatically.

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