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Re: Update 2 challenge

If you really wanna kill him oldschool like we did then everyone must be

between level 50-70 max

No more than 4(maybe5) people can be allowed in group (as it used to be this way)

Best armor was full ancient with weapon if u were lucky, Maybe a few people had warden boots and helms. No warden or meteor weaps. Meteor wasnt even a gleam in richards eye.... There were peeps there in redclaw and darkrun.

There is no special lux. Golden ammys were best and maybe 7 people had total. Golden gloves (not heroic) maybe a pair or 2 out there. No offhand swords, no quivers, no orbs or anything eith extra energy. No bracer slot or ring slot so you could equip a ring instead of your ammy.

I remember falgren taking us 45 minutes, I bolased and tank kited around until he died.

This is how we earned dragons, one dragon at a time,,, fights taking 1/2 hr to 45 minutes uphill both ways in the snow :)
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Re: Update 2 challenge

I think Falgren has changed over time though. I think he had some skills added and changed, and i'm sure his stats were tweaked many times.
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Re: Update 2 challenge

Maybe after a few patches in update 2, heroic Ammy's and gloves got added or something. I joined during the winter event of update2 and their were all heroics, winterking/icelord gear and Connacht gear.

Think this idea could be a good laugh.
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