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Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

Hey there

The intention was to make these easier by reducing the druids main damage skill and making the skills he uses interruptable.

Could you let me know what kind of things are making him harder than he was before so we can look at improving him?


Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

Please look at my post with Atrisal fight example, as now our guild can barely kill him since patch (let alone any Stonevale bosseS)

What are you testing these 'changes' to the bosses with?

You continually state you made them EASIER, and we have not KILLED ONE BOSS SINCE YOU CHANGED on TARANIS. NOT ONE!

We killed every boss before, multiple times, and now we cannot, and you cannot figure out why? That is unreal.

Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

The druid boss isn't that hard anymore. We took him down with a group of 6. Infact it was rather easy... Used to be much harder. Our tank had 70-100 hp the whole way through.
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Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

Let me just clarify some things that Daledo is saying.

He's referring to a specific strategy for boss fights called Ping-Pong. The basic idea is that you keep the boss bola'd and switch agro back and forth between two damage dealers on either side of the boss. The damage dealers stay outside of the attack range of the boss but within the follow range. This way the boss keeps switching targets and walks back and forth between the two damage dealers. It's a fun strategy and allows you to boss fight without the need for a tank.

The problem now is that the attack ranges of Stonevale bosses far outreaches the attack range of players (with the possible exception of a ranger's auto-attack). This forces players to abandon this strategy in favor of tanking. Tanking is fine and we've defeated the bosses using that method but it's just flat out boring and requires no actual skill. It also means that you have to wait around for the perfect team to show up in order to boss fight.

It isn't that we're against tanking as a strategy, we just want to have more strategy options when it comes to boss fights. Making the tank strategy the only strategy just doesn't cut it. If the attack ranges of bosses were restored to their original settings then you wouldn't here another peep out of me on the matter. Kiting and Ping-Pong are a blast and it's just a shame to see these strategies go the way of the dodo.

Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

10 minutes, the most ill go is 15 :lol:
He definitely recovers more, because when we got his hp down 10%( a different fight, without debo, and after 30 minutes od attacking.) his hp slowly went back up to 100%. Also been having trouble with him resisting skills, like root and bolas, when he didn't do this before the patch.
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