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so here it is im afraid...a moan...and a moan of great proportions! earlier today we tried takin down the druid boss...EPIC FAIL...not just once but many times wat hav u done to him??!!.we had a team of 6 highest strongest players in crom a team we hav killed druid boss b4. i think u gone too far now not only did u reduce the drop amount on frags/discs u now made it so we cant even kill him. so i was wonderin if any1 else is experiencin the same difficulty with him? havnt had chance to try the unicorn boss 2 day as he hasnt spawned,but im hopin he hasnt gone same way :(

Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

Agreed upon...as far as frags go we've killed every boss on gwydion at least twice...admin said the bosses drop 1-6 frags.
Every boss has dropped one frag each time and most of them are sun frags....what the hell am i gonna do with 4 sun frags??? Havent seen a moon/oak/elm in weeks and the crown and dragon frags are nonexistant! Plz fix this admin...ppl are killing eachother over the boss drops! Ive sold 8 sun frags already because nothing else drops at all...getting bored grinding for lack of motivation to do boss runs.
Name: Darkrevenger
Class: rogue
Lvl: 83
World: gwydion
Clan: Saints

Name: Epichealtime
Class: druid
Lvl: 46
World: gwydion
Clan: TheMob (chieftian)

Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

Yesterday we killed the druid boss in five minutes(Debo, me and some other people(like debo said, best in crom.)), but we tried five times today and each time we could barely get his heath down no more than 25%. Maybe something else changed?
Good job celtic heroes!

Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

Sorry for not believing anything you said, but i quit reading aftet your. Claim of killing druid in 5 minutes.

It takes a little longer than this, my friend, unless you are making some damage record. 15-20 i could believe.

Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

yeah dudezzy is a bit optomistic with his timin of druid b0ss kill lol mayb he needs a new watch? it did take us around 30 mins to kill him with the right team only ever failed once with said team so i know its nothing we are doin wrong but now we aint even hurtin him!! so admin dont tell me u made his attacks weaker cos it just aint true! and if u hav u given him more HP or summat ur makin so we dont even wanna try cos we know we will fail and IF we do ever manage to kill him again 1 frag drop?/! come on guys!

Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

Hey there

The only changes we made to the druid was to make it easier, most notably to greatly reduce his main damage skill significantly and also making his main skills interruptable. Also you now get told when he is about to cast a skill.

There have been general fixes to AI which may be inadvertantly causing him to heal more, but there should be ways for you to counteract that e.g. meleeing him and hitting him to interrupt the heal skill.


Re: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!

if hes easier then why are we failin time and time again wen b4 we killed him every attempt its now got as if ppl dont even wanna try anymore which im findin frustratin as i need dragon discs and i believe u can only obtain these from the druid boss?? so ok im not gonna argue about that fact u say u made him easier eventho we cant kill him anymore but plz make the other bosses drop dragon discs too. and as for interuptin him while castin this is a hit and miss thing more miss than hit to b honest .so i urge any1 who views this post who is havin similar probs or knows of any1 havin similar probs add to this post .


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