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Random Ability Exp Gain

I am currently trying to level up my bow ability and have found it to be completely random. Is there a method to this madness of ability leveling? I sometimes gain 3 bow levels in 30 seconds, then it will take another ten minutes to get one more ability point.

Thus my question is, what is the breakdown of ability exp gain? What determines the exp and why does it appear to be so completely random?

World: Belenus
IGN: HelgaTheGreat, HelgaTheSwift
Class:Rogue, Ranger
Level: 55, 56

Re: Random Ability Exp Gain

Ability gains are random, but not completely. The lower your ability level, the faster it levels. The higher, the slower it levels. This difference is only very slight (meaning that you don't have to spend an hour for every ability level at a very high level, it will be SOMEWHAT consistent). Abilities are what affects how effective your skills are. They're the only aspect in this game that offers some variety. To get the advantage you have to put some extra effort in and spend time achieving your goal.

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