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A major problem!

admin i have an issue and i cant get it resolved so i decided to post it. yeasterday in arawn i wanted to transfer my golden amulet of rejuvination from my rogue "bladefire" to my warrior "sandlander" so i asked wizard a level 70 mage to transfer it. he agreed to this and i gave him my amulet. when i logged in from my warrior wizard was gone. after that he came online but when one of my clanmates whispered him to give my amulet back, he logged out. afterwards he again logged in and told me that his battery had went low at the time of trade and now he didnt have the amulet. he said i could borrow his until he found mine. i said ok. he gave me his amulet after unnequiping it and gave it to me the next day, today, about half an hour ago, he said that he had e-mailed support but there had been no response and that he wanted his amulet back. he said that i could borrow it later. after that he logged out. after discussing this with some people i got to know that wizard is not such an honest guy and many people hate him because he tricks everyone. at first i didnt believe this but after many people confirmed this, i thought i should report it. plz do something about this quick. i explained this to you in detail because it may have seemed alot different if u saw the trades but now it will make sense. i hope the people who told me the stuff about him will also back me up on this post. thanku for ur time admin.

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Re: A major problem!

Perhaps I'm the only one here, but I think that was not perticulary a great move...
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Re: A major problem!

i already told him that my ipod died during the trade. He said he sent it but i didint have it (-_-) he can hace mine now though idc im leaving Arawn people in the clan of Juppongatana just piss me off.
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Re: A major problem!

OK I'm looking into this please keep the conversation civil - I'll lock this until we get to the bottom of it.


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