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Re: Proposed changes/improvements to the stonevale bosses

Solarus wrote:So my clan and I were bossing yesterday and I just don't get it.... To me there seemed to be more than a few kinks in the bosses. For example, we were about a quarter of the way through Chillmist and I had just logged in. Obviously I didn't have agro because I hadn't attacked even once. Somehow Chillmist decides to shed agro and one hit kill me out of nowhere. To top it when I respawned and attempted to attack it, I got one hit killed immediately every time I attacked once. Here's what I noticed happen: When we killed Uni I could cast my warrior skills from a far distance. When we killed Chillmist, the only way I could cast a skill was if I was practically on top of it. The skill cast distances were tremendous. Shouldn't this be relatively the same on all bosses? And here's the thing with Chillmist. If I landed on Giant Swing I was one hit killed immediately unless I hauled a** out as fast as I could. By having to cast one skill and then flee for my life, doesn't this defeat the purpose of warrior tanks? Along with that there was no real point for me to have been there because the amount of damage I contributed in the long run was so minimal compared to the mages. I would gander that this wisp boss problem would be the same for the others. Just seems odd to me is all...

Hi thanks for letting me know about this - I've increased chillmist combat radius for the next patch.

Also the AI and agro system has had a bug fixing round so they should play much better in the next patch.


Re: Proposed changes/improvements to the stonevale bosses

Admin when I say this I speak for all of mabon.
Last night we tried killing fellfire, I had gathered together 1 level 81 druid, 1 lvl 80 tank(me)who has 2124 health with abundance and I had 264 fire resistance, a level 81 and 79 ranger, a level 86, 82, 73 rouges, and around 10 level 50-65. We started and he killed everysingle person in the first couple of seconds. Isn't he supposed to be the easiest one to kill? We have tried killing every boss but we havnt been able to science b4 the first patch. Were never gonna get the new armor!!! PleAse make the changes you suggested and possibly more.
Zagic lvl 185 mage
Zhealer lvl 100 druid
Zrute lvl 94 warrior
Zologolas lvl 82 ranger
Zhief lvl 57 rouge
clan Wolfgang
world mabon

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