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Re: Proposed changes/improvements to the stonevale bosses

Reducing disc drop is actually a GREAT idea. With no more one hit kills the strong players can now beat bosses in groups of 2-4. They will respawn more, so they can be killed more. As long as these strong players are friends, they will share discs and all get the special class armor. If you have big disc drops everyone will get the armor in 2 weeks and then nobody will play the game until the next big update in 2012. Game sustainability is an important factor here. All bosses should drop one disc only, that way we will actually put in time playing the game and not have nothing to do in it come November.

Re: Proposed changes/improvements to the stonevale bosses

LordDragoonII wrote:I know this doesn't have much to do with this but, how about adding some other loots? So that bosses can drop weapons/ armour as well as dropping fragments?

yes just geting frags is borring mabe adding a weapons or armour drops might be intresting ,and ya the changes will hellp out a lot :D
spart lv 220 warrior /Necrowfear lv 90 druid
server Arawn
clan res/uskoci
clans men./ gard.

Re: Proposed changes/improvements to the stonevale bosses

There should be new drops from the bosses i think that would be similar to all of the items in the catacombs, improved versions of the ancient armor and weapons (like ancient brutal great maul, hammered ancient breastplate, etc.). These items i dont think should be better than the disc armor of course, but just another step up from the storebought items like there are with the lower level items. That way money doesnt have to be lost completely to the shops but can circulate maybe through the players.

But yeah, it makes there so many items to impliment into the game, which leads to mistakes in the items as a lot of us have seen, which is why you could also just let the bosses drop the regular ancient items at least. Would make it at least a little bit better.

I dont disagree with the lowered drop rates, because if they are easier to kill and spawn quicker it makes it easier to get those frags in the first place. Now at least for the bosses you dont need a warrior tank with all in hp with some str and no dex with three druids to kill the big unicorn, even with the others.

Re: Proposed changes/improvements to the stonevale bosses

Two things to make bosses easier wo changing them:

1. Pleasemfix target lock as vapor said. As ranger i retarget bosses 250 times per fight ( im not jokng). Devs please makemit so you do not lose target due to enemy range etc. I cannot even target 100 ft druid because it just wont let me unless im close enough.

2. Fix spell animations. Ever since you introduced new animation, it now takes longer to cast spells that are in the queue (sp!?!). The next spell onluly launches AFTER you touch your toes , which is AFTer spell is cast. Im sure this is a bug. Can you address these two fixes?

Re: Proposed changes/improvements to the stonevale bosses

So my clan and I were bossing yesterday and I just don't get it.... To me there seemed to be more than a few kinks in the bosses. For example, we were about a quarter of the way through Chillmist and I had just logged in. Obviously I didn't have agro because I hadn't attacked even once. Somehow Chillmist decides to shed agro and one hit kill me out of nowhere. To top it when I respawned and attempted to attack it, I got one hit killed immediately every time I attacked once. Here's what I noticed happen: When we killed Uni I could cast my warrior skills from a far distance. When we killed Chillmist, the only way I could cast a skill was if I was practically on top of it. The skill cast distances were tremendous. Shouldn't this be relatively the same on all bosses? And here's the thing with Chillmist. If I landed on Giant Swing I was one hit killed immediately unless I hauled a** out as fast as I could. By having to cast one skill and then flee for my life, doesn't this defeat the purpose of warrior tanks? Along with that there was no real point for me to have been there because the amount of damage I contributed in the long run was so minimal compared to the mages. I would gander that this wisp boss problem would be the same for the others. Just seems odd to me is all...


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