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Re: Heres an Idea!

Hi there, thanks for all the feedback.

We haven't made changes to the boss difficulty yet since they were introduced beyond some bug fixes to the general AI code that meant some creature AI was getting stuck in an endless loop, however the feedback has been useful and is much appreciated. I am going to suggest we make a change to the boss difficulty as follows: reduce the damage of the large attack spell to a point where it is resistible at least by some characters, and to balance increase the attack speed slightly. This way a higher level player and a healer will be able to tackle them easier, however they will still be difficult for the less powerful players.

Also I will ask to get the follow range increased so there is less danger of the bosses running back to their spawn points. We can also look to get the boss spawn rate increased and reduce the number of discs that drop slightly to balance out the increased spawn frequency.


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