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Re: Rare Enemies

It was a good idea to add rare enemies with rare drops, often exepensive drops. But they are simply walking wallet because so so so easy to kill. If they are rare, they should be very hard to kill.

In fact it would even be better if dev could add some huge and powerful rare ennemies walking around, for example next to the thief camp or alone between northern peninsula and the docks.

They would not kill players if not attacked, so low level could safely bypass them, but would be real pain in the ass to kill if anyone dare to attack them.

Would'nt it be funny to see a group of level 80 coming full in gear coming from nowhere in northern peninsula field, running hunting to the rare monster after someone alert them (clan message for example)

Low level player would at least see why they need to level up and see more leveled up people around, in a crazy poweeful fight. We could imagine a huge and tall minotaur or centaur level 85, nearly impossible to kill and dropping gold, a lot of gold !!!
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