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Hi there,

I recently started playing this game yesterday and so far have a level 12 warrior and level 12 Druid. I cant help but notice there is an issue with the mana which also leads to an issue with health. I am just wondering if I am missing something like a trader that sells mana potions and health potions or food... I really like this game but I think this is the only thing hindering me from enjoying it. I see there is the regeneration spells but with only 3 skill slots and no means to purchase the platinum, I'm kinda up a creek without a paddle.

If anyone could shed some light onto this situation It would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Mana

Also I did read somewhere that you could earn free platinum ( perhaps from downloading apps, completing surveys or clicking adverts ) but I don't remember where I read this. Anyways, I cannot find any way to do so in-game or via the website.

Re: Mana

Hi there.

For health each class gets two skills, recuperate which heals over time, and bandage wounds which is an instant heal. There are also other heal skills that are class specific such as natures touch, natures embrace and light heal.

For regaining energy each class gets a meditate skill, and mages get an energy boost skill.

Throughout the game there are also various items you can pick up or get as quest rewards which boost health and energy.


Re: Mana

Thanks again for the info! A little gutted you can't just purchase some food to restore health or mana :( haha but I guess it will be something I will learn to live with and eventually learn to play around! Already the free platinum has helped me to add an extra 2 skill slots so thankyou once again :)

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