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Re: Harder leveling?

Lately I have been wondering if each class has a different amount of xp needed to lvl. For example lately i have been training my alt with a friends druid i am several higher lvls then my friend before we start training my friend was half way to lvling while i was only at 30% being a higher lvl and less of my bar filled one would assume my friend would level way before me. While my friend did lvl before me it was only slightly before me just by a few %. i could be wrong or my friend could have missed some xp by being to far away from a mob but its seems consistent as i have always lvled with this friend with my alt and their druid.

Re: Harder leveling?

i dunno about the lvling, but it seems to be pretty established that there is diminishing gains in all stat categories. meaning, the more points in a single category, the less you get in return for those points. i think the real noticable breakoff point is around 300.
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Re: Harder leveling?

It probably seems this was because of the average kill time - i.e. Rogues kill a lot faster. There is simply no reason why one class should require more/less XP to gain a level...is there?
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