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Double plat is a gift to OTM not us, so

How about for Christmas we get the 10% platinum back for all platinum that people have purchased? :D
We deserve plat this year for Christmas not another 10,000 green present quest and 2 million gold, gold sled.

This is what happens when you challenge the better clan on sever.
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Re: Double plat is a gift to OTM not us, so

I'm confused why does OTM owe you a gift?

They are having a black Friday sale just like other companies that sell things. Why don't you go up to Macy's and ask them for a Christmas present for yourself too. I'm sure they will look at you just as strangely.
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Re: Double plat is a gift to OTM not us, so

Rebirth wrote:Double plat was a gift to us. Yes, they will receive more income. But its a win-win situation.

Ya i can't argue with that. I will feel like a kid on christmas when the plat sale goes live, so thats the proof :).
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