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Great work admin!

the update is amazing and so detailed I just wanted to thank you for making the game so great for all of us playing

Re: Great work admin!

Yup, the chubby kid in me finally got that double fudge brownie he was craving for so long! As soon as the servers are upgraded, things will be just golden! Great work admins/Devs.
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Re: Great work admin!

killer!!! i love it!
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Re: Great work admin!

Apart from my views on xp potions, I got to say, the update is great... The animation when I heal is fantastic, love some of the enemies who cast spells, couldnt believe it when I got hit with bolas, roots, vines etc, lovin it :) and potions to make u big and small was a genius idea.

The few negatives I found, and there arnt many were ... Some quests are confusing especially when it mentions areas that arnt named on the map. We should be able to click on the individual quest to make that the quest that shows it's markers on the compass map.

Not keen on the item drops to be sold equivalent to gems, the highest I've seen sold for around 170, a lot are 12/70 gold. Also havnt seen any decent armour or weps drop from 4 star 70+ .

I couldn't find the bracer admin mentioned for two hander warrs.

And last of all the lvl 60/70/80 normal mobs seem to weak, they need making harder and the drops made better if this update is going to last a few months.... If not everyone will be 80+ in a few weeks and fullykitted and moaning the next update isn't here
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Re: Great work admin!

From what I have seen so far, the update is amazing. Was wandering around Shalmot and ran into some battlemages and the fireball effects were awesome. Got a little adreniline rush when I saw that ball of flame headed right for me!!!

I have not been able to unlock the Shalmot merchant yet, everytime I go to her she says that I need to gain favor with the clan. It is taking forever. I did all the side quests and working on the main quest but it so long.

Thank You for a great update and look foward to what you are going to do in update #3
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