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Re: Do you feel like quiting?

Im a lot less active now, only logging in to level once or twice so I can get the new spirit shadow armor set before the event ends. I can see my self taking a break from the game but I will come back, no doubt. I've said it many times before and i'll say it again now; There is a lack of quests (useful, or worth doing) and too much grinding required. Please don't say that grinding is part of every rpg because there is a line that has been crossed. The game is doing well for its age though! Keep it up OTM :)
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Re: Do you feel like quiting?

I had the feeling I wanted to quit a long time ago.
Eventually I got bored because whenever I log on,
nobody else is. I like this game but im always online by myself.
Then, in the real world, I have some problems.
And the problem is this game because I play it too much when I couldve been doing some work.
After I stoped playing, life is a lot easier for me. This is my last post. Cya
Not playing celtic heroes anymore
Even though I quit, nobody is getting anything.

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