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Re: Another glitch or hack?!

Does anyone know if it adds to damage that the war bow gives out? If it does I might become a ranger warrior.
I'm sure all the rangers will love that.
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jamesmaawesome wrote:Screw those fkers who mess up the game. Ban that son of a btch. Here's an idea, admin. Next time, someone sees a hacker (using mods), screenshot him/her and report it to admin. He then shall loose 5 lvls (if ur 150 u go back down to 145. Stat points or skill points used during those 5 lvls will be cancelled), and 50% of all ur gold. That'll stop ppl from hacking/moding.

nice language and idea
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Re: Another glitch or hack?!

Lol if a quiver isn't class restricted and it's just a little glitch in the game, why get so upset? I mean he could have easily gotten a golden bodkin but maybe he wanted the golden quiver cause it's a little cheaper. If he wasn't supposed to have it equipped, it should be class restricted. Simple as that.
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