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Re: Is Spiritshadow armor better than Frozen?

admin wrote:
Zeddifor wrote:It sucks im not gonna be here during samheim. Id love to get my hands on those

It's likely these quests will remain after the event has finished, most people have been asking for these quests to stay to add more options for different player armours,

That's good. At least some of us with alts are also going to be able to get them...eventually. Too bad they made frozen armor look like toilet paper compared to them.

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Re: Is Spiritshadow armor better than Frozen?

They have read forums and that was logical way to go with focus by the way Halloween is spiritual celebration more link to spirits.

They have read and really understand the way the game should go but only issue was the combinations they have on this patch all the issues on the game ( armor) ( camo) ( premium regen) they did make the armor for all players in the game ,
They choice camo to be use for the wrong levels , and the premium regain when to wrong weapon/ mount .

A newer heroic amulet : 40/40. With price tag of 400k and 30/30 for 300k and energy or health only 40 for 200k or charms woth same value as the current heroic
A camo charm only for the events : gold 200k : 60% , silver 45% 100k , bronze 30% 100k

The issue is you pack of this to 1 mount make less desirable. Price is not the issue , is the lack useness for all classes.

In future updates/versions. You should consider make mounts as customizable gear with add on to base ... That way previous version owners, new-players can enjoy the rarity of this items , and the oldest players the braggin rigth customized items with live mounts coming this should be statndard.
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Re: Is Spiritshadow armor better than Frozen?

Well I really like the look of those gauntlets , i got mines already, but i m dissapointed about THE stats and THE skill.
THE stats rnt really good for à warrior , they ar good for mages tho.
THE skill, 1 cold dmg is really low and the cooldown time is too long.

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