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READ!! How aggro really works

Hi, I would like to say firstly that there are two types of aggro in the game, initial and secondary aggro
-initial: this is the aggro you get when in range of an enemy and they attack you
-secondary: this is the aggro you get when you attack an enemy, the person that does the most damage to the opponent gets this.

Important!!: healing also takes secondary aggro! So if you have a Druid in your group, hit all enemy's that you have initial aggro from ONCE, this requires switching targets.. And make sure the hits land as well. Otherwise if a Druid heals you he will be raped by all mobs you didnt get secondary aggro from

Side note: Druids are easily disrupted, so if something spawns on them or they initial aggro a patrol, get them off the druid so he can heal your ass.

If you still don't understand what im talking about, make a Druid class and you might get as frustrated as me about ppl not knowing about aggro.

Re: READ!! How aggro really works

There is also a "hate" system in place, that may or may not change with update.
This is basically your 2nd aggro. Druid's heal gains a TON of hate, where as the warriors taunt ability, has a moderate amount, but is meant to scale with other attacks. Taunt was rumored to be changed with the update, guess we will wait and see.

If you are playing with a druid, be careful about WHEN and HOW OFTEN you through out heals. This should help greatly with the 2nd aggro.
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