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Re: The Official Samhain 2012 Discussion Thread

Well, an excuse can be made for almost any given situation.

The game appears to take place sometime between the 13th and 16th century. We can rule out the extremities of that range due to the Castle and weapons, so we are probably looking at somewhere in the timeframe of 1300 to 1500. (That being said, the continuity of the game is pretty messed... but we forgive it because it is a game.)

The Gregorian Calendar didn't come into use until 1582, so the people of the game's time would have been using the Julian Calendar.

In 1350, the difference between the two calendars (if both had existed) would have been 8 days, and by 1500 it was 9 days.

So depending on when the game is set, their October 31 would have been November 8 or November 9th.

The two calendars are currently 13 days apart, meaning October 31st on the Julian Calendar would be November 13th on the Gregorian today.

So OTM still has a week or two to produce the event (depending on the calendar conversion used) and still claim to be on time.

(please note, while the above is all completely true, it was written tongue in cheek. I very much hope for a Gregorian Calendar October release.)
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