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Re: The Official Samhain 2012 Discussion Thread

Community wrote:
Brianx wrote:From now on, im calling it "samhain" :D Just wondering if it says next week does that mean the patch is next friday? Or this sunday?

The patch with the Samhain Event will be at some point next week, so it could be anywhere between Monday and Sunday.

Useless I know, but unfortunately I don't have an exact date at the moment. Once I have something concrete I'll be sure to let people know.

Not that useless..im betting on Wedensday..

Re: The Official Samhain 2012 Discussion Thread

No joke.

If you patch a event for Celtic Halloween after October 31st, that is gonna be hilarious. And we will all, even those of us who support you, will mock the fail of that. I will start calling it the US Election Day Patch

Here's to hoping you get it out a lil more Mon-Wed-ish.

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Re: The Official Samhain 2012 Discussion Thread

Trajedy wrote:I think it's fun to learn about the origins of our holidays, and the CH celebrations are a lot more interesting than they would be if they modernized it...

Can you imagine if the event were traveling from NPC to NPC collecting candy for 2 hours, then eating all of the candy at once and having lowered stats the next day?

(looking forward to seeing what is in store for us!)

Ill be disappointed if its not exactly how you describe!
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