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Weapon training and char classes

Recently I've seen one or two people running about with wrong type of weapon for there character class
So I thought i would conduct a few tests firstly I'm a Mage with wand attack level 560
So I equips a single handed sword attack drops to 10
Next two handed sword attack drops to 10
War hammer same result
Dagger same result
Couldn't find a bow that had no class restriction
So I try attacking mobs all I get is misses
Some of you can see where I'm going with this
New update has new items in lux store no class restrictions
Will they hit prob not r they going to allow people to train skills not ment for there character type prob not

So why on earth r people trying to use wrong weapon class for there character class
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Re: Weapon training and char classes

Weapon ability is what makes the difference. If a warrior had 500 ability in wands and 90 str he might be hitting for around 30-40 per swing of the wand, but since they can only train in swords/maces/axes (until the update) then they are best off sticking with those weapons that they can train ability in. Same for all classes.
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Re: Weapon training and char classes

I would think that you to hit probability would go up to according to the amount of dexterity that you have. It would be nice to have a percentage table but I think I have added more dex than most Mages so I am going to try your experiment Drzzt. I do know that a beginner Druid (Level 27) used a pre-update Greatword on Sulis effectively.

It does seem to me that the higher your staff and wand ability goes up the less you would benefit from using a sword! Also you are hurting yourself by using the sword instead of your classes weapon because you no longer are raising the ability of your classes weapon. Reminds me of the "I want it now and I don't care if it will cost me in the future" train of thought. Never a good thing in the long run.

To me classless weapons look cool and enticing for a druid/mage but they are a bad idea!
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