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Pro and Freebie Worlds

I have been browsing though some of the "sneak peek of update" threads on the forums for the non-beta testers, and there seems to be some discontent amongst some people about the prices of items...

This doesn't really bother me at all as those luxury items SHOULD be very expensive, since they are so powerful, but a thought crossed my mind while I was reading all those complaints...

What if, there was a new world(s) created that had the platinum section disabled entirely. This way, youngsters/cheapskates ;) who don't have credit cards can play with/against each other without having to compete against the 'pros'. Luxury items could be (slightly) cheaper here and some of the potions and other platinum items could be made into (rare) quest rewards and drops, just so they can get a taste of the 'big boy' Celtic Heroes experience!

This is obviously not a priority, and I think that freebie player should always be allowed to play on the main worlds with everyone else, but this type of of setting might help to quell some of the complaints people are posting about platinum and high item prices. Just make it clear to players that there are some limitations to the freebie server and it shouldn't hurt your business...

Re: Pro and Freebie Worlds


Bear in mind after the update there will be level 80 to 90 players who will be able to get gold much more easily than is possible at current levels.

For these players the luxury shop is there to provide something expensive to spend their gold on. A bit like a designer handbag shop or expensive car dealer.

Re: Pro and Freebie Worlds

:D I actually meant to throw this idea out into the beta forum first, but looks like I stuck it out here for prying eyes to see :P

Just kidding, but seriously though, in my idea nothing would stop anyone from going anywhere if they wanted, just in the freebie world the playing field would be totally level... However, some things that you buy with platinum just wouldn't be available, like sigils for example. If someone wanted to stay on a server which sells platinum, but not buy any, then they are welcome to do so.

Also if it were possible to send or 'copy' your char over from world to world and it ALSO possible to transfer all char data MINUS platinum purchases (like potions, sigils, etc. - gear would be exempt), then a world with platinum disabled could be the perfect place to set up a PvP arena, or entire realm for that matter. Only in this environment could 'fair fighting' truly be achieved.

Of course, some people crave PvP soooo much that it will have to be put into all or most servers in the game at some point (not this update though, perhaps next :o ) but I hope there are restrictions on how and/or where this can take place. I like Celtic Heroes because it has more of an 'us and them' story; teamwork is more fun than bashing other players!

The only problem with this idea is that having a dedicated server for something like this would cost money for upkeep, but it wouldn't generate and revenue for the company, so not much incentive to implement it!

PS: Paddy, I am not really a pro - semi-pro at best... :lol: I was just using the terminology someone else did in another thread... I am looking for sponsors though... :P I figure once I hit level 100 on the live server and make more posts here than admin does, One Thumb will have to offer me a 6 figure platinum contract (or put me on the payroll at least :ugeek: )

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