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Re: Shalemount and stonevale

PaddyW wrote:Do u have to be a certain level to get ino shalemount and stonevale

Shalemont Ravine - no. Once you go past the entrence there is a camp. If you decide to go past the camp there is monsters starting at level 30. Beyond those monsters I only got to see monsters around level 55 guarding the stairway up to stonevale. I would say a level 55-60 could make it inside stonevale, but I'm sure they couldn't go deep inside.

Re: Shalemount and stonevale

I got to the Pig King who's a 65 I think on my Rogue who was level 8... Anyway I wish I had a bit of a level boost so far iv spent all my time leveling which is really slow... Is that possible or no?
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