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Beta Pictures


This thread was previously used for the last beta, and pictures taken during it. I really thought this thread was a nice memory because it kept everyone fully engaged and looking forward to the beta. I look forward to doing more things like this, and I wanted to use this thread to post any new beta pictures here. Feel free to browse through the pages and see how things have changed since the last beta, and how far we've come!

P.S. - The beta has not been released yet, but I bumped this thread for all the enthusiastic people that are looking forward to the new update, and I also hope to use this thread to post pictures once the actual beta is released. Hope nobody minds me bumping this fossil, but I really think its a nice little piece of history marking the last beta.

Thanks, and good luck to all testers! :)
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Re: Beta Pictures

Sorry about all the separate posts, and you may have to turn your head to view the picture. My iPad was giving my trouble, but I did want to throw some pictures out there regardless so that non-beta testers could experience some of the fun too. My favorite picture was of the stonevale castle, although I never got to reach the top of the steps due to high level mobs and my druid being level 11. I took a picture of druid lightning, some of the text colors, some of the new emotes/expressions, and a pic of about half of the new general map. Pics were taken on a 2nd generation iTouch, hopefully I can get the beta for my iPad 2 soon so you can see the better quality pictures. Hope you guys enjoy the pics for now.

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