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Re: Beta Tells

Admin could you give us an Estimant to how much gold we would need to buy the vest armour best weapon and best shield? Because for the first update I had 2k saved up for the new armor and thought I would even have some left over. Well turns out RedClaw was almost 12k Soo can you do that!?
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Re: Beta Tells

Well not sure if the luxery shop is best because not all the armor has been added yet but thats around 20-80k
In the random stuff is around 2-30k.
Oh and
Ancient plate boots are 21 armor, 12 weight,vit req 60. Warrio
Ancient Silk Gloves are 5 armor, 2 weight, focus req 50. Druid and mage

there is a Deadly robus Mace of celerity in the shop right now for 32288 gold
Slot: Mainhand, Crushing 33, attack speed 2100, weight 13 for warrior
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Re: Beta Tells

Hey the items are much more varied now, so there isn't really anything thats 'the best' anymore but there are now lots of options as to what you want to use in each slot. For example you can choose more defensive items, or more stat boosts or just better stats etc.

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