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Squabbling over xp

Stop trying to get each other banned it petty I won't even bump your thread as thus is second thread you have started on subject wizard I dint know you and cronies is a great guy it seems from pics your harrassing him and there is general good manners when leveling that you take turns over kills normally three guys on the three spawns and it's considered bad manners to take the spawn that's not yours and if there's already three there then you move on stops arguments and slows leveling but it keeps the peace until this update comes out it's the way it will stay if you don't want to respect this unwritten rule there r plenty of players who can take all your kills this system works and has done for a very long time
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Re: Squabbling over xp

Darknight and ranger r same person can see from same pics posted I don't know what his game us trying to get somone banned it's petty go away and play a different game instead of trying to ruin somone else's game
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