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Level 50+

Kill stealing is going to run rampant until the next update! What do you expect with tons and tons of level 50+ fighting over the same 3-4 monsters! Of course people will fight over them all day, if you ask me it's pretty friggin pathetic. Since the monsters only give 1 exp each! It's retarded, I've stopped trying to level, after I get 55. I'm focused on farming gold, & doing the black chalk quest I think this will be more rewarding in the long run, + 40 health/ magic, then I won't have to buy potions from the item shop for awhile if I stock up.

I've come to the realization getting past level 55 isnt worth the effort considering the update will actually bring monsters that are worth while to level. I'm sure it will only take a couple hours max to get to level 60 from 55 instead of 3-3 days. It only took me a week to get to level 54. I guess if they are coming out with a "tops" list being level 59+ before the update will give you a slight advantage but I doubt it will be that much considering there were people who were 40-49 when I started and I ended up passing them and getting level 50 before them. Ill already miss the new content from levels 35-40 I don't want to miss some of the 50 and go straight to 60. The thing I'm most excited for is new daggers because I'm getting sick of the langsax graphic :x
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Re: Level 50+

You make a very valid point about trying to level up so far in an area really designed for the 30-40 level range. This is why after about lvl 35 I stopped playing. I plan on enjoying all of the new content as it was meant to be enjoyed. I stand no chance of being on any leaderboards, but having fun with a game is more important to me than bragging rights.

I am also willing to wager that the kill stealing issue will decrease significantly after the update. Unless of course the devs made another area where there is only one room that gives xp for people level 100+, but I doubt they would do that.
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Re: Level 50+

I'm sure in a few months time the same problem will be happening with the level 90s... I do hope that for the higher levels it requires players to have another person to help kill the mob which would lower the amount of kill stealing since nobody solo them if they weren't able to kill them and could not overpower 2 other players in a group if they focused on the same mob.
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Re: Level 50+

If the first to hit mechanic is implemented to designate the 'ownage' of any mob, then kill stealing will basically be a thing of the past and help will be easier to give and get with less chance of drama.

I personally am only looking to hit 50 (48 now), before I step aside and try to assist others during this 'stressed' time. :)

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