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Re: Not Holding Back

Here's the real story, my side :). Wizard, who's got a great imagination for naming avatars, has most likely spent over 1000 dollars on Celtic Heroes platinum so I doubt he will be banned. I suspect this because he spams 500 point heal pot potions for mobs he shouldn't be attempting to kill. I believe wizard is level 45 but could be wrong, I could also be mistaken on calling him a guy too so from now on he will be he/she. I am just curious now because of the way he/she runs to the forums to cry. The reason I kill stole wizard was because of this - he/she would saw okay we can share but if it attacks me first then it's mine. Okay fair, until he takes two spots of the three, and when the mobs start attacking me first he says okay that rule is no good. NOW the rule is you stay on that side of the room and i'll stay here. I am like okay only if we share the center spawn, and he/she continues to take each of the center spawns. Okay now I have tried being nice. Now I start taking the center mob and he/she gets pissed and starts yelling at everyone on the server that I am KSing. So now I just take all of the spawn why not make it true right? If I am going to be accused of being a ladies man I might as well make it true. Okay so now he/she is yelling and screaming and I am killing mobs, and he/she gets upset so I say okay you take the spawn. THEN, he/she dies... and I kill the spawn, as soon as a good mob came up he/she used a resurrection token and pops up and started attacking it. After he/she failed to get the xp he/she said again that I stole the kill even though I was being attacked first. Okay so now that he/she is good and upset he/she decided to call me a retard (refer to photos). And after that I was going to send them to the admin but didn't because I didn't want to see him/her get banned I just anted to scare him/her a bit. So instead of sending them off for a possible ban I decided to just log into all of my characters and torment him/he for a bit. Anyways, noone is at fault here other than game mechanics, there simply isn't enough spawn to go around. I think that maybe this was something they implemented into the game for a reason. Maybe we are supposed to fight over the spawn. Maybe... players like wizard shouldn't ever get to pass level 45. And maybe if this post continues to portray me poorly I will spend all of my time making that a reality. Enjoy the photos. :lol:
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Re: Not Holding Back

*EDIT* *WHAT REALLY HAPPENED* So while i was training in the Donn Room i attacked a Guard, after attacking it i tried attacking another, that is when Trix shows up and steals it from me, he said i stold "mommies" kill so he figured it would only be fair to steal mine. Id like to point out that this "mommie" character was most likely away from the keyboard, i say this because i had not seen him move what so ever or say anything at all. I also don't how it was kill stealing when A: I attacked it first and B: "mommie" or whatever his name is did not complain himself. Ok sooo a few minutes past after that, true i did make the agreement "everyone stays on their own sides and the middle is shared". Problem with this was, Trix was standing in the middle, now he never moved from that spot, how on earth are we suppose to "share" if the guard attacks him first. That is where trix started childish, i tried ending this argument from moving rooms, but he had all 3 of his accounts logged in i know this because someone on the server told him and i myself got a SS of him saying he was on his iPod,iPhone, and iPad. He litterly fallowed me everywhere in the catacombs one character in each room and did not let me get any of the kills. Now about "crying to the forums" Trix you do not even have enough room to talk, why? YOU were acting childish and annoying so obviously i was going to tell you off and YOU were the one that said you were going to report me therefor YOU were being childish by running to the Admin instead of trying to fix an easy issue yourself. He has 3 accounts and used them to tell me this

He needs to calm down and grow up, also needs to stop making stupid and unnapropriate remarks i do not care if they are a joke or not. Hope you guys like the screen shots :lol:
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Re: Not Holding Back

Vapor wrote:iPad screenshots make this game look so much better. I want an iPad...

LOL the only thing of value in this whole post.

EDIT: honestly you 2, this issue should have been taken care of in private e-mails to the admins.

try e-mailing support@onethumbmobile.com
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Re: Not Holding Back

I believe no 1 will be banned because kill stealing Is not against the rules sadly :evil:
Drizzt wrote:ROFL

Come on guys keep this ingame *** on forums is just childish

True do not post ur personal problems on the forums

Btw way u could always ragequit.... :twisted:
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Re: Not Holding Back

I believe this is a issue that the admin has said will be taken care of in the new update
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