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Not Holding Back

Hi, :) i started playing Celtic Heroes on the world "Arawn" quite okay if you ask me execept for some of the player. I am tired of kill stealers, and there's one in Arawn particularly that wont leave me alone. TRIX that stupid mage has pissed me off for the last time, yes i did insult her and address her a "retard" although i realize that was not the best thing to do, i do not regret doing it. I may have called her worse things, don't really remember. Thing is, if i leave a room she fallows me to that room as well and litterly gets RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME to kill the spawn i am waiting for (-_-). I hate using bad language, but if you were going through the same thing you would understand my frustration, i am not putting up with her stupidity and bad manners at playing the game Admin do something about her! my name in the game is Wizard, she tries to provoke me and know that if she fallows me everywhere taking my kills that i will tell her off and then she takes the SS. If she keeps doing this and gets me mad enough ill probably tell her something that will get me banned and i dont want that, but if i get fire up then oh well ill post two SS of her getting in front of me like always just to get me mad, although this probably wont help, just think you should see i am not lying.
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Re: Not Holding Back


I also play on Arawn and I have seen both you and your clan, Earagon, KS several players over the last 2 weeks, myself included. I know Trix and is a very nice player, so you probably started it with her and she will have her revenge on you. You want respect, you give respect. Tell that to your clan as well.

Re: Not Holding Back

Don't have the same stupidity she has, Just so you know im not in Eragon, and if my former clan did kill steal then it was unintentionally. That idiot trix has taken it too far, she logs in all 3 accounts and fallows me WHEREVER i go. Don't talk to me about respect. As of now that clan has lost ALL of my respect with those childish members it has

Re: Not Holding Back

In our clan Rapture Eve and Rapture Light We live by 3 rules one is no kill stealing
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Re: Not Holding Back

Lol trix's forum name is CerealKiller. I've witnessed you kill stealing aswell wizard, so everyone calm down and make up. Before something worse happens.
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