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Re: Horses

Maybe you could add pack mules to those that would complain about the usefulness of a horse....I like horses, I would spend money on tack and feed just to have one around, and the better the tack and the more you feed it, the higher attack bonus you would receive, almost like leveling your horse.....stealthers and casters can get a mule for
All the junk they are to weak to carry around and probably aren't capable of handling a horse to begin with.....yeah mule for sure....

Re: Horses

I want a Clydesdale so it can pull my sleigh filled with beer. But no for real, I'd like to be able to attack while on the horse slot of games make you get off the mount so you can beat things up.. But if were trying to be somewhat realistic (see chess piece post haha!) then attCking on horses would be favorabl, being able to name the horse would be cool too
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